Troubleshoot Windows
Troubleshooting  Windows


This section is designed for you to help with hardware and software troubleshooting, including Windows errors and problems before you reinstall. There are many guides, browse through, print what you need and with any luck you may resolve your issues without having to Format and Reinstall Windows .


Error Codes - Troubleshooting - Speedup your PC


Error Codes
These are common error codes that you might receive from Windows.

   Error 0x81000370 - Error 1603 - Error 1706 - Error 1603 - Error 403

Error 404 - Error 500 - Error 633 - Error 678

Error 679 - Error 680 - Error 691 - Error 734

Error 999 - Error CRC - Error DNS - Error E18

Error Explorer Internet Script -  Unmountable Boot Volume Error


Pre-Reinstall troubleshooting
Some Basic Step by Step guides on how to fix problems before you need to actually reinstall Windows.

Windows 7 - Windows Vista 

 Windows XP Pro - Windows XP Home

Windows 2000

Windows 98 - Windows ME


Speed up Your Computer Guides
Most people reinstall Windows, or find that their most major problem is speed, below is a link to guides on achieving a fast system.


How to Remove Adware, Malware & Spyware  - Guide to Free Virus scan and removal

How to clear startup group - How to run Defrag, and free software

How to run CHKDSK (Check Disk) - Free Software to Help speed up your computer

How to get updates for your computer - How to upgrade your Hardware for enhanced performance

How to clean the registry - Speed up your PC main menu


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